See How a Local Puyallup Gold Star Family Got a New Roof

This Nation is built on the backbone and heritage of brave men and women that risk their lives through military service to stand for the ideals and principles of justice and freedom. That is the driving force that not only birthed the greatest country on the planet, but has also helped sustain freedom over many generations. Phillip Broussard, owner of Broussard Home Services, is part of that history, that great legacy of citizens that are willing to take risks to ensure the ideal of freedom and justice endures. Phillip is a retired Navy veteran, inspired to serve his country and follow in the footsteps of his father, who also served in the U.S. armed forces. His family heritage and love for our country not only inspired Phillip to serve in active military duty, but also to continue to carry a heart for those who serve and the families of those affected by the realities of war. This passion and inspiration is his story, and that compassion has led him to action. 

As a successful contracting business in the Puget Sound, not only do we have a vision to provide excellent results and project management for local families, but we also carry the burden of those in need. Being successful means having a vision to give back. We use our resources to provide for the families that have given us so much, and that have also made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our nation. That is why we have partnered up with Malarkey Roofing products and Stoneway Supply to provide a Gold Star family with a new roof! There is no greater way to step up and give back than supporting those who have lost a loved one in the service of our country. We hope you love the story of Stephanie & Clarissa Groepper as much as we do. 

Stephanie lost her husband, Chad Groepper, tragically in war. Her story reflects both the inspiration and tragedy that so many spouses of lost military service people endure. Getting a chance to interview Stephanie and listen to her story, from the way she met her husband Chad, to him having the opportunity to come back and meet their newborn Clarissa, to being redeployed and eventually falling as an American hero in war, was eye-opening and really shed light on the great needs that Gold Star families are left with. This is where we as a community contractor come in! We had the opportunity to put compassion into action and fill a need that helped Stephanie save her home and maintain a place of stability for her daughter. 

Through our Gold Star family outreach, Phillip and team Broussard set out to find the perfect family to bless with a new roof. Overwhelming support for Stephanie came in from her family, friends and the support community for Gold Star families. One of the key factors that earned such a high level of support is the fact that Stephanie took action to create an organization called Women Warriors, a place where those that have lost loved ones in the service can find support and help each other. She learned from her experience that the promised support to Gold Star families quickly disappears, and there is a need for ongoing support in many ways. She grew through her experience and rose up to help others in a similar position, which is why Broussard Home Services selected Stephanie as our 2022 Gold Star Roofing Giveaway recipient.

In partnership with Stoneway Roofing Supply/SRS Distribution and Malarkey Roofing Products, we were able to remove a failing roof from Stephanie’s home and install a beautiful new Malarkey Vista roofing system. She let us know that if we hadn’t intervened when we did, she would have had to sell her home because the enormous cost of the roof replacement was not in her budget. What an amazing opportunity to pay it forward and provide relief to a family that has sacrificed at the highest level for our country. 

Our crews did an incredible job removing and installing the new roofing system backed by Broussard Homes Services workmanship warranty, along with a limited lifetime shingle warranty from Malarkey. The NexGen (rubberized) shingle technology that we installed is both the safest and most environmentally-safe product on the market today. Malarkey utilizes recycled tires and milk jugs in their asphalt, helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. The granules on the Vista shingle are covered with a special 3M technology that takes pollution from the atmosphere and turns it into water-soluble ions which are environmentally-safe. Hands-down, Stephanie and her family will be protected for decades by the premium installation and craftsmanship of the Broussard Family and the leading technology of  Malarkey roofing products. 

As a family-owned business, this is one of the greatest reasons that we exist! To build a family of employees that succeed at a level that allows us to support many, service our community, and give back to those in need! You can be part of this amazing heritage by supporting us as a local contractor with the opportunity to partner with you and estimate your upcoming home improvement projects. Every time you partner with Broussard Home Services, you also partner with those in need!

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