How Broussard Home Services Reached Prospering Growth

It is no secret that the viral spread of COVID-19 was something that negatively impacted dependable businesses and lives across the nation. Between countless highly-rated companies closing down permanently, unemployment rates reaching a new record, and health becoming the forefront of everyone’s concerns, it is rare to hear of business growth success stories during this uncertain time. But the reality is that Broussard Home Services did, in fact, advance in the middle of this pandemic, and is currently thriving more than ever before.

Broussard Home Services – Story of Expansion

Since March of 2020, when COVID-19 really began to take shake the economy, many businesses collapsed. Those who did not have an online presence or who could not perform operations remotely significantly suffered, and are still trying to recoup from the losses. But that did not happen with Broussard Home Services. With their innovative team, futuristic vision, and perseverance to adapt and evolve with the current state of affairs, they were able to expand, especially within their roofing division.

They did so well with adapting to economic changes, that they went from 7 employees since the beginning of the pandemic to now 30. Along with this, they are even donating installation labor for a kitchen remodel to a local VFW.

Why Is New Construction, Remodeling, and Roofing Booming?

According to CNBC, new construction remodeling and roofing have been on a steady incline, and the top motivator is “because now people have the time.” They also state that because a vast majority of people are staying quarantined (not going out to eat or traveling much) means they have the extra cash to invest in their estate. Based on a survey, more than three-quarters of United States homeowners said they have done, or are planning on doing a home improvement project during the pandemic. Though there may be a slight decline in upcoming years on home sales due to unemployment rates, those who were able to work from home may have noticed all the updates that needed to happen, and are now acting on it.

Keep in mind that not every company in this industry was able to capitalize on this demand, but Broussard Home Services did, and a large part of that is both from their customer-focused professionalism, and their roofing expansion services that allowed them to grow even more.

Conclusion – The New Norm

Yes, society may never be the same as it was pre-pandemic, but as demonstrated by this ardent, highly rated new construction, remodeling, and roofing team, with the right methods and strategy, you can still prosper.

The Broussard Home Services team was quick to alter and evolve with the fast-changing environment. They have worked diligently in maintaining their dependable, quality-driven services while focusing on their roofing expansion simultaneously. Between their outstanding 20-year labor warranty that outshines the competition to their track record of customer satisfaction, anyone looking for roofing work and other similar services can solidify their confidence that their project is in the best hands, pandemic or not.

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